Little Monsters : Monster High

Harley here!

So, another little “feature” I plan to post about it simply titled “Little Monsters.” It’s where I’ll blab on and on about some nifty kids toy, product, etc. that features some delightful horror twist. So, why not start this feature out with the dolls making Freaky Fabulous – Monster High.

You have have seen this adorable little skull running rampant in your local stores – it has it’s own bookseries, clothes (everything from dress-up, to costumes, to every day wear), dolls, ear buds, party supplies, and more. But it’s more than just some little skull, it’s the logo for Monster High.

Now, what is Monster High, exactly?

Monster High is as simple as it sounds – a high school for monsters. But, more so, it’s the children of famous monsters. Three main characters, for example, are the children of the legendary Universal Monsters – Dracula’s daughter, Draculaura; Frankie Stein, the daughter of Frankenstein; and Clawdine Wolfe, the daughter of the Wolfman. The very same three horror classics my in-progress chest piece is based off of. =)

But, is making ‘freaky’ into something ‘fabulous’ a great idea? Twatlight – my bad, I meant Twilight – destroyed vampires for a lot of people, and even started Anti-Twilight movements in attempt to get the ass-kicking vampires back. So, mainstreaming monsters to kiddies could cause similar chaos, right? Maybe. But I’m overly thrilled about these little dolls, mostly because I was once a little ghoul myself.

I grew up on horror movies – primarily Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman (hence the chest piece) – so, with the exception of the things my mother could find around Halloween, there wasn’t a lot that stores had to offer for me as a child. Eventually I had some ‘dolls’ my mom found at Walmart at Halloween – my favorite being my treasured¬†companion, “Wolfy.”

Anyway, getting back to the point-

I wanna be able to share these things with my kids some day, especially if I have a daughter. Screw Barbie and her fake boring world. I’d rather have my baby girl carrying around her Frankie Stein doll.

“Monster High” gains my approval.

~ Harley Vengeance.

B-Movie Bombshell: Little Red

“Little Red” – aka Skylar Wendell – is much more than just a pretty face. She’s still in the early stages of her modeling career, but with nearly three years of experience under her belt, she’s off to a decent start. Now she’s been a model for several designers – in fashion shows and online, as well as being featured on a flyer for Women in Horror Month 2011 – which debuted both online and in print. She even has her very first magazine appearance coming up.

Little Red is incredibly talented for her age, and definitely an on-the-rise model. She can pull off any look – from something sweet and dainty, to something alternative and edgy, to retro pin-up, and our favorite – drop dead gore-geous horror model. And while becoming a model had always been an aspiration of hers, she’d never really thought much about seriously doing it – until her friend, and aspiring photographer as well at the time, needed a model and requested Little Red’s help.

From our third shoot, back in 2009.

The photographer was yours truly.

Now, I’ve moved on to some bigger and better shoots, and worked with some pretty talented people from all over, but some favorite pictures have always been delivered by Little Red. People love that she offers something new and different, but still incredibly beautiful at the same time.

Now… How did she end up settling on the modeling name, “Little Red”?

Back in May 2011, we did a shoot with the stunning Daisy Von Doom, in which the girls modeled together at some kick-ass locations. Skylar was wearing an insanely awesome ring leader costume, which was bright red, as well as rocking some red striped tights and red makeup. Her nicknames on set for the day involved many variations using “red” as a theme, but “Little Red” reoccured a few times. After the pictures hit the internet, people began calling her Little Red. She liked the name and let it stick to her.

What’s next for Little Red?

Little Red has a few designers she’s collaborating with for some shoots and possibly another runway show or two in the near future. She’s also signed on to be an official promotional model for Way52, so you’ll be seeing her again around here soon enough. But what else? Well, she’s still in school, so that does take some priority. Then she hopes for some traveling next summer – Lake of the Ozarks, for sure, and maybe even Chicago – both for modeling.


You can like Little Red on Facebook to keep track of her adventures.

Or, if you want to work with her, find her on Model Mayhem


~Harley Vengeance

B-Movie Bombshells: An Introduction.

Harley here!

Some of you may know that I fancy myself as a bit of a photographer. My favorite subject? You guessed it – dark and twisted, blood-soaked, horror shoots. And along the way, I’ve met some ass-kicking girls that don’t mind getting a little weird in front of the camera.

So, periodically, I’ll be seeking out some of these gals to feature. Mostly models, I’m sure, but occasionally I know we’ll get random other participants. If you’re interested, and within oh-so-far of me (or oh-so-far of wherever I’m traveling), we can make this happen!

So…. who will be first?

Stay tuned! Within the next week or so, I’ll have my first post up about the darling Little Red.¬†And with this, some brand new pictures to spice up Way 52!

~Harley Vengeance

Welcome to Way52!

Ladies and corpses, boys and ghouls — welcome to the debut of Way 52 — your source for all things horror. Be it your favorite psycho slashers, the legends that make our favorite monsters, or just plain freaky finds — we’ll hook you up.

Let me introduce myself — you can call me Harley Vengeance, and along with my most favorite of creepy companions, we’ll be bringing you the world of horror — our way. Be it spooky, fanged, chainsaw-weilding, or the like, we’ll have it. Reviews and articles on games, books, movies, etc., along with interviews and more.

We’re here to serve you up the best in horror like a head on a silver platter.

So sit back, grab a blood bag and a bowl-o-brains, and enjoy Way 52.

~Harley Vengeance